Amesbury Days 2016

June 23rd - July 4th

Amesbury Days 2015

Read the article about Amesbury Days and the Chairperson in Newburyport Daily News here:

Thursday, June 25th - Saturday, July 4th

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the 116th annual festival celebrating community, fun and family in beautiful Amesbury.  This is my first year as Chairperson of Amesbury Days and I am so excited to continue the traditions you remember and also to bring a few new events to the city. 

The theme “All That Amesbury Has to Offer” has a special meaning to me as I have lived in Amesbury less than two years and moved here so that I could get involved with the community; get the word out about the arts and cultural scene that Amesbury offers and to meet new friends.  Being involved in Amesbury Days has made all of that happen.

Sincere thanks for their “awesomeness” goes to Alyssa Premo, Matt Sherrill, Jon Mooers, Kathy Crowley, Annmary Connor and many more too numerous to name – you know who you are!

A special, heartfelt thank you goes to the generous donors, volunteers and the community at large for your support.  Without your involvement none of these events would be possible.  Please, attend as many events as you can and show your support for Amesbury by shopping locally during the festival and after.

This year I took a chance at changing the annual fireworks to Friday, July 3rd.  It’s the start of the weekend, most people will have that day off and it allows you to get an earlier start on plans with your families for the weekend.  And, it saved us a whole lot of money just moving it one day.  Now, the fireworks won’t always be on July 3rd, but with the weekend lining up as it did, I thought it was worth trying.  Amesbury Days, Inc. is a 501c3 recognized non-profit organization; we rely on donations to make these events happen.  It was the fiscally responsible choice to make.

I am excited to be part of an already successful tradition and am looking forward to meeting you at one of the many events during the ten day festival. 


Michelle DiMascio
Chairperson, Amesbury Days 2015